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The playblack toolbox is a free Unity3D code library.

In the provided DLLs you find the following tools:


Store and restore everything, ranging from simple meta data (what you'd usually store in PlayerPrefs) to whole scene structures. More info can be found in the wiki

Component Signal Processing

Component Signal Processing, or short CSP. It's a system that allows the programmer to define outputs and inputs for a MonoBehaviour class. These can be connected by designers (or whoever) in-editor to create sequences of events.

If you've worked with the IO system of the Source engine before - it's basically that. These "CSP MonoBehaviours" are, by nature, highly reusable and repurposable. You can use that button control panel to open doors. Or blow stuff up.

BehaviourTree based sequencing

Create anything from dialogues to AI behaviour. Powered by the underlying behaviour tree. You can add custom BT components and specify custom formatting in the BT editor window for your very own BT flow.

Fast and lightweight Event broadcasting system

Create and broadcast events in a one-liner like this.

new SomeEvent("args", someObj).Call()

The save game system uses this system by default to let you know when it intends to save or restore data. It can be a very powerful tool to decouple your components from each other.

Please find the documentation (and latest sources) over at github.

Published Nov 20, 2016
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Tagseventsystem, game-logic, savegame, sourcecode


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